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We just love gelato!

Samero’s Ice-cream Paradise Ltd. (Gelato Cafe) is a partner company of IL Gelato Hawaii.

We produce fresh premium Italian Ice cream (homemade Gelato) every day in our production facility in Kathu, for our own shops and our Wholesale customers. All products are 100% natural, premium quality but extremely price competitive. We focus on high quality products and environmental sustainability. We are a registered Co.Ltd. in Thailand and employ approximately 35 staff.



After a 20 year long career in the electronic security industry, the owner, Wolfgang Samero (Electronic Engineer /BBA.) went to Bologna to study the art of gelato making at the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna/Italy in 2009. Shortly after we opened our first shop in Patong in 2010 which is a gathering place and very popular amongst the locals and tourists. We opened our 2. Shop in Chalong in 2012 and a retail outlet on the Patong Beach in 2015. Annually we are serving our Gelato to over 700.000 customers through our shops and to many more through our wholesale business. During the last years we established our position as the Number 1 Gelato producer in Phuket.



In 2012 we joined in a Partnership with IL Gelato Hawaii - which helped to increase our quality and production standard even further.

We participated 2014 and 2016 in the Gelato World Cup in Rimini/Italy where we placed 3rd in the Gelato competition and 5th overall. Our Gelato is now served in many international Hotel chains. Our Coconut Gelato was presented by President Obama as dessert while hosting the APEC conference in Hawaii and was served to, Russian President Medvedev, China President Hu Jintao and Japan Prime Minister Yoshihiko Nodafor. We also catered our Mango Sorbet to the Dalai Lama of Tibet.


If you taste our fresh made Gelato you will immediately know why our unique recipes are placed 3rd in the World championships. Compared to other existing Ice-cream offering in Phuket we represent the new trend of healthy food and environmental sustainability - no coloring, artificial flavoring or preservatives added! Premium quality, locally made, authentic and competitively priced.

100 years of ice-cream culture in Vienna

Eating Ice cream started to be really trendy and affordable in Europe at the late 19 century. As this Italian culture (mainly street vendors with little push trolleys) arrived in Vienna and meet up with the already well established relaxing Viennese coffee and patisserie shop house tradition, soon a little “war” broke out as the vendors placed themselves often in front of the well-established shops and so his Majesty Emperor Franz Joseph was asked for help. He established a new law which forced the ice-cream vendors to open a fixed location- this was the beginning of a new, unique culture.


The Viennese Ice-cream coffee’s (German: Wiener Eiskaffee) was borne. The customers could now sit down in a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy their ice-cream together with coffee and patisserie. Many shops offered their customer different variations of ice-cream with fresh fruits, or alcohol. One of the oldest and still existing Ice saloon in Vienna opened up in 1887.

Today some can find around 150 Ice-salons in Vienna which are mostly owned by Italian families and selling every year during the summer season delicious handcrafted artisan ice cream to affordable prices with up to 100 different flavors.

325 years of coffee culture - the Viennese café

Legend has it, while liberating Vienna from the second Turkish siege in 1683, a number of sacks with strange beans were found in the Turkish camp. The Polish king granted the sacks to one of his officers who started the first coffee house in 1685.


After some experimentation, he added some sugar and milk, and the Viennese coffee tradition was born. In the early period, the various drinks had no names, and customers would select the mixtures from a color-shaded chart.

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