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Sell our gelato at your business

We sell our gelato “wholesale” to hotels, restaurants, gelato bars, and coffee shops.

Our wholesale gelato is hand-made fresh in Phuket and of world championship quality. It is free of any artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives.

Your advantage:

• Best gelato in Phuket and rated to be one of the best gelato in the world

• Supporting the local business principles

• Artisan gelato made fresh daily upon order in small batches

• Lower butterfat and sugar content – amazing taste and textures

• Custom flavors and signature recipes available

• Easy to understand price structure

• Free consulting, training and support

• Banquet services: pre-scooped and ready to be served (up to 1,000 scoops)

• Free delivery (over 10 L/ 3Box)



With our own specialized freezer Truck we deliver our fresh Gelato all over the Phuket Island and the nearby Provinces. We are using special designed Gelato transport boxes (imported from Europe) to guarantee an uninterrupted cooling chain from our freezer directly into your freezers. If requested we will bring the Gelato directly into your point of sales- deep frozen with no impact on the quality.


We have over 30 good selling, popular flavors to choose from and over 150 specialized flavors and continuously developing new recipes. Our Gelato is available in 4 liter box’s or 4 liter tubs made from food grade PVC or in 3.5 liter stainless steel pans. The environmental friendly stainless pans are provided on a deposit/return basis. In order to guarantee fresh gelato, we ask for 48 hours’ notice prior delivery.


We produce according to European and International Standards (HACCP), with a 100% quality control and test of every batch produced. We are audited by several Hotels and certified supplier to some of the biggest names in the Industry.


Contact us for prices, available flavors and terms & conditions. We are ready to set up an account and delivery for your food establishment within two working days. We can also provide storage freezer or point of sales cabinets. Our sales Manager will come to visit you and answer all open question, explain all details and give recommendations based on our sales experience from our own shops in Phuket.


Chuthathip Bueksanthia (Engl. /Thai)

Email: Tel: 0937431444

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